Hani Amra is a kind, informative, patient and thoughtful advocate. The process of establishing a revocable trust was seamless, swift and educational. I would and have already recommended his services to family and friends based on the qualities experienced,which also include impeccable professionalism and flexibility. Thank you, Hani!

Patrick Miller

I was very impressed by Hani Amra. He was an attorney that was very informative and took the time to answer all of my questions. I most certainly will recommend him to families and friends.

Bahira Karim

Great Lawyers, great services!!

Fadi Abu Rasaa

Very thankful for Mr. Voigtmann and his son for helping me obtain my citizenship. Excellent service.

Dim Tree

Excellent, professional, friendly. Highly recommend using Fred voightman’s law office for immigration purposes. Extremely satisfied!!

Paul Cascante

They are really nice. They guided me through out the whole process. All the documents were reviewed multiple times to make sure we don’t have an issues with the documentation. This really helped making the process easier and smoother. Respond to the email were little delayed but it was answered on the next so pretty satisfied. Thanks to Stefany and Fredrick for reviewing all the documents before the interview to make sure we are inline with all the documentation that was submitted and were accurate.

Nishith Gandhi

I have had a wonderful experience working with attorney Fred Voigtmann and his team. Very professional, diligent in thier work and responding to the applicants! I look forward to working further with them for immigration purposes. Also,Fred Voigtmann provides consultations which are professional, accurate and truly appreciated.

Disha Shah

We were fortunate from the very start to have attorney Fred Voigtmann and his firm be our lawyers for the green card process. They have been very professional and knowledgeable in preparing our case and application and responded to all our questions and e-mails in a timely manner.

We are very happy to have just been approved for the permanent resident card. We could not have done it without their help and support.

We highly recommend Fred and his team to anyone that is applying for immigration.


Best. Immigration attorney. Period. My case has been dragging for years. Tried multiple attorneys, but Fred got the job done. I wish I found him earlier. Look no further. Save your time and go with Fred. He epitomizes a great attorney.

Bashar E

OMG Fred is one of the sincere and compassionate person and lawyer I have ever met. His friendly mannerism is the first thing that hold your attention when first meeting him. His office staff was very friendly and professional during the office visits. My situation was dire but Fred made me feel like things would be ok. He listens to all my worries and then proceeded to explain all the pros and cons regarding my case and that he would work to get a positive outcome to my case. I could tell he cared about me and my issues and would do all he can to help me and win my case. He followed through up and above what is expected as my lawyer. He is a wonderful and caring human being and lawyer. If you are looking for a compassionate lawyer to handle your delicate situation, Fred is the guy for you. I would recommend him as one of the best immigration lawyer and I visited lots of them when my situation came up. My case was won thanks to all of Fred’s hard work. I will always be grateful and thankful that he was put in my path when my situation came up. Very knowledgeable, experienced and professional lawyer. This is the guy you want in your corner when facing immigration situations.

Dana Johnstone

An outstanding lawyer, who would take time to listen to your needs and would recommend the best legal option. I would highly recommend him for your immigration needs.

Bilal M

When it comes to immigration law, this firm is your best option. They are an excellent group of people to work with. Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Fred and his team get the job done with accuracy and punctuality. I highly recommend the Law Office of Fred Voigtmann if you need any assistance with the immigration law.

Fauwaz Hussain

With the help of Fred and Emy, I finally got my green card recently. It is a long period and I am lucky to have Fred and Emy through my case. Fred goes straight to the point and gives reasonable solution he picks instead of giving a bunch of options to confuse you. Emy is awesome as well when it comes to organizing paper work and answer all questions.

I recommend Law Office of Fred Voigtmann for anyone of their immigration case.

Leaf ye

My own citizenship & now my son’s green card. Excellent immigration attorney. Many thanks.

Steve Lipp

I highly recommend the Law Office of Fred Voigtmann. They are courteous, professional and very knowledgeable. They are highly-competent and take excellent care of their clients.

Jennifer Wills

Fredrick is a great attorney and has patience, compassion and generosity as a human being and someone whom you can entrust your affairs and representation. Most importantly he is great at what he does and his office really takes care of their clients from A to Z. Thank you for everything.

Patricia Vernhes

I had a pleasure of working with Fred on several occasions and always got great results. Definitely highly recommend him.

Andrew Kurin

Mr. Voigtmann is an experienced and professional attorney. He is very responsive and highly-competent in his field.

H. Henri Ezzati

I can fully recommend the Law office of Fred Voigtmann for legal advice, especially immigration law. I have had their assistance several times during the last 10 years, always with a great result.

Jakob Esko

Fred and Emy guided skillfully my employer and I in the green card process (EB-3 preference category). Thanks to their professionalism, knowledge, and support the application has been carried on smoothly and my green card finally approved!

Alessio Pavan

The best Immigration Lawyer for EB3 & EB5 in LA! Thank you Fred your great job !

Ellis Law

We had a great experience with our immigration applications. Atty. Fredrick Voigtmann is very knowledgeable and experienced, as with his team at the office. He handled our cases with much confidence and we felt at ease during the entire process. I will recommend his law office to my friends if and when there is a need. Thanks, Mr. Voigtmann to you and your team.

Jo Gammad

Fred is very professional and responsible in terms of legal representation letter, he always answer the call and email questions on time.
got lots of help from him about F1 visa statement. definitely recommend him for immigration service

Mengdi Pan

I’m from the Philippines and i am confident to say that the office of Sir Fred Voightmann has an excellent service towards their clients. Their office are ready to answer your concerns even in the most complex aspects of immigration process. I could say that we will be dealing a hard time if without Sir Fred’s assistance. He will assist you from submitting necessary documents up to what to do after the approval of your visa. I highly recommend The Law Office of Sir Fred Voightmann!

Joes Noel De Jesus

Fred helped me with the process of receiving my green card. Working with Fred and his professional team was easy and stress-free. They answered all my questions, put together necessary forms and even found a translation agency for all the documents, needed for the process. Without Fred’s help and guidance I would never be able to figure it out by myself.

Fred is top professional, I highly recommend working with him or al least getting his consultation. He knows how to get things done.

Alex G.

I immigrated with my family of five in 2000 on a work permit managed by Fred Voightman; we all became US green cards holders thanks to his help a few years later including fast tracking as my eldest daughter was going to turn 21 and age out. My wife and children obtained their citizenships in the last few years according to time in the US when not traveling and due to my heavy travel schedule overseas I have just qualified this year to become a US citizen. Each applicaiton for each stage and member of the fmaily was handled by Fred and his team. It meant that I knew we were maximizing the right information and not through ignorance of process or timing damaging our applications – my whole family are proud to be American citizens in part thanks to Fred Voightman and his team.

Robert Dodds

Very professional and highly recommend The Law Office of Fred Voightmann

Mazhar Iqbal

I have worked directly with Mr. Voigtmann and his office for over 5 years and have been extremely satisfied. They are very professional and responsive and committed to assisting their clients.

Chris Sugden

I would like to share my EB-5 experience.

This week, I received my I-829 approval and my 10-year Green Card from my EB-5 Investment. Very Grateful To Cornerstone Law Services!

I feel very fortunate to have been working with the Law Office of Fred Voigtmann and partnership with American Life Inc, when so many other aspiring Visa and Green card applicants have entered into less successful arrangements. With the help of my immigration attorney Mr. Voigtmann, I was able to chose the right regional center, which in the end I became a Permanent Resident of the United States. I am looking forward to apply for my U.S. Citizenship in December of this year.

I am very happy that everything has turned so successfully. It has been an amazing and life changing experience to work with, Fred and his Law Office since day one of my EB-5 investment in 2009.

I would highly recommend the Law Office of Fred Voigtmann and his expertise in everything immigration and EB-5 related, and also American Life Inc for your go to succesful EB-5 investment.

THANK YOU for being such a special part of my life and assisting me on my way to become a U.S. Citizen. I couldn’t do without YOUR help!

Atila Cintosun

Very Professional !!

Vivienne Wu Spalty

Highly recommend using Hani. Extremely satisfied with my Immigration outcome!!

Amani Waheeb

Cornerstone lawyers did excellent work with our immigration case.

Osha Mohamed

Hani is an ethical lawyer who truly care about his clients.

Hgr Maher Hendy

Immigration Attorneys at its best… You won’t go wrong

Mostafa Hlmy

Attorney Hani was very informative in Immigration matters

Ahmed Samay

Great lawyer great services I wish you all the best

Fadi Abu Rasaa

Hani did a magnificent work on my immigration case.

Mero D Ana

Cornerstone Law Firm is a GREAT firm, truly care about you and your family. Mr Amra, helped me with an immigration matter and the out come was what he promised.

THANK YOU again for all what you do!!

Nadoua Bouazza

I can’t imagine working with any other Immigration lawyers.

Mohamed Bolla

I most certainly will recommend Attorney Hani to families and friends.

Ahmed Salah


Ebru Awad

Great Lawyer I wish you all the best

Maysa’a Yousef

I’m so impressed with Cornerstone team of lawyers

Ahmed Khalid

Immigration Attorney Hani truly go that extra mile for his clients.

Amira Said

Cornerstone really cared so much about me and my family!

Kkhhlloouudd Mmaatteerr

I would not hesitate to recommend attorney Hani to all my friends.

Waled Hassan

We will most definitely continue to work with Hani in the future.

Mustafa Ahmed

They explained us our immigration process step by step

Ali Fouda

So glad we used Cornerstone for our Immigration process!

Abeer Ismail

Attorney Hani made immigration process easier than we anticipated.

Nisreen Maher

Cornerstone lawyers did excellent work with our immigration case.

‎عبدالوهاب علاقي‎

Attorney Hani is incredibly professional, honest and willing to help!

‎رودى يوسف يوسف‎

Excellent, professional, friendly.

محبة الرحمن‎

هم ذوو كفاءة عالية ويعتنون بعملائهم بشكل ممتاز

‎عبدالله الزينى‎

Hani is a top notch attorney who care greatly about his clients.

‎ربى حبيب قلبى

I definitely recommend Attorney Hani for all of your Immigration needs!

‎صفاء قلبى‎

هاني عمرة محامي مستجيب للغاية وذو كفاءة عالية في مجال الهجرة

Raed Gad Kam

I’m so impressed with Cornerstone team of lawyers.

‎امنه احمد‎

It was a pleasure working with hani on several occasions and always got great results

‎أحمد السيد سنوح

The best immigration lawyer I tried several lawyers but hani got the job done

‎هانى سمير‎

هاني وفريقه ينجزون المهمة بدقة

MoHamed Rezk

Hani really helped making my immigration process easier and smoother.

آلاء محمد‎

أوصي بشدة بمكتب قانون Cornerstone إذا كنت بحاجة إلى أي مساعدة في قانون الهجرة

Ehab Waleed