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Highly recommend using Hani. Extremely satisfied with my Immigration outcome!!

Amani Waheeb​‎ 

Cornerstone lawyers did excellent work with our immigration case.

Osha Mohamed

Hani is an ethical lawyer who truly care about his clients.

Hgr Maher Hendy

Immigration Attorneys at its best… You won’t go wrong

Mostafa Hlmy

Attorney Hani was very informative in Immigration matters

Ahmed Samay

Great lawyer great services I wish you all the best

Fadi Abu Rasaa

Hani did a magnificent work on my immigration case.

Mero D Ana

Cornerstone Law Firm is a GREAT firm, truly care about you and your family. Mr Amra, helped me with an immigration matter and the out come was what he promised.
THANK YOU again for all what you do!!

Nadoua Bouazza

I can’t imagine working with any other Immigration lawyers.

Mohamed Bolla

I most certainly will recommend Attorney Hani to families and friends.

Ahmed Salah


Ebru Awad

Great Lawyer I wish you all the best

Maysa’a Yousef 

I’m so impressed with Cornerstone team of lawyers

Ahmed Khalid

Immigration Attorney Hani truly go that extra mile for his clients.

Amira Said

Cornerstone really cared so much about me and my family!

Kkhhlloouudd Mmaatteerr

I would not hesitate to recommend attorney Hani to all my friends.

Waled Hassan

We will most definitely continue to work with Hani in the future.

Mustafa Ahmed

They explained us our immigration process step by step

Ali Fouda

So glad we used Cornerstone for our Immigration process!

Abeer Ismail

Attorney Hani made immigration process easier than we anticipated.

Nisreen Maher

Cornerstone lawyers did excellent work with our immigration case.

‎عبدالوهاب علاقي‎

Attorney Hani is incredibly professional, honest and willing to help!

‎رودى يوسف يوسف‎

Excellent, professional, friendly.

محبة الرحمن‎

هم ذوو كفاءة عالية ويعتنون بعملائهم بشكل ممتاز

‎عبدالله الزينى‎

Hani is a top notch attorney who care greatly about his clients.

‎ربى حبيب قلبى

I definitely recommend Attorney Hani for all of your Immigration needs!

‎صفاء قلبى‎ 

هاني عمرة محامي مستجيب للغاية وذو كفاءة عالية في مجال الهجرة

Raed Gad Kam

I’m so impressed with Cornerstone team of lawyers.

‎امنه احمد‎

It was a pleasure working with hani on several occasions and always got great results

‎أحمد السيد سنوح

The best immigration lawyer I tried several lawyers but hani got the job done

‎هانى سمير‎ 

هاني وفريقه ينجزون المهمة بدقة

MoHamed Rezk

Hani really helped making my immigration process easier and smoother.

آلاء محمد‎

أوصي بشدة بمكتب قانون Cornerstone إذا كنت بحاجة إلى أي مساعدة في قانون الهجرة

Ehab Waleed 

Eh. Two requests.. and the project. Outfit. I will. His implementation.. is.. Project.. Savvy. For Youth.. Talk… Innovations. In. Power… and update.. in. The Sun. Please. Attention…… thanks.

وجيه كنزى‎

راحب منشوراتك .اسعدك الله لم استطع ارسالها

Batool Al Jaffari